In ancient times , Milos flourished because of its mineral wealth .It was inhabited from the Neolithic period ( 7000 BC ) and soon prospered more than its neighboring islands thanks to obsidian lithom a black volcanic rock used in Milos weapons and tools . Even believed that they had gone and export trade , as the obsidian of Milos is found in the Peloponnese , Crete , Cyprus and even Egypt.
Since the early Bronze Age (2800 – 1100 BC), the island plays a very important role in the Cycladic world, centered on the town of Phylakopi, which has given its name to an entire archaeological period. After the descent of the Greek tribes, Dorians settled in Milos around 1000 BC In the same period begins to be built in the area of ​​current Klima a new city from the apple tree. Very little is known of the ancient sources for Milos before the 5th century BC However, residents are those who refused “land and water” to the Persians and fought alongside the other Greeks at the Battle of Salamis and the battle of Plataea.
They and their city was destroyed in 415 BC by the Athenians , when they tried to maintain their neutrality in the Peloponnesian war.
In later centuries Milos follows the fate of the other Cyclades . Until 311 BC belongs to Macedonia and then in Egypt . H freedom and safety at sea , thanks to the powerful fleet of the Ptolemies , provide an opportunity for new economic development of the island , which also contributed to the flourishing of the arts .The famous statue of Aphrodite ( Louvre Museum ) and the impressive Poseidon , height 2.50 m. ( Archaeological Museum of Athens ) are representative examples of this new acne . During the Roman era Milos adorned with other projects ( marble theater) , while displaying and Christianity , probably from the 1st century .Irrefutable witness the Catacombs , the largest in Greece and among the most remarkable in the world.In Byzantine times the most important fact is certainly the destruction of the ancient city of Klima ( 5th-6th c.) , Rather than earthquakes .
Finally , during the Venetian rule , the Ottoman and the German occupation , struggles Milos to obtain their freedom was constant and unrelenting .